Tax Law

Tax Law

Kamal & Associates has been advising local and foreign clients on matters relating tax law since its inception. Tax legislations covered include, among other things, income tax law, the value added tax (VAT) law, property tax law, and other areas. Areas covered include:

  • Advising the client on how to design the tax strategy to achieve tax efficiency

  • Tax planning for the establishment of new companies

  • Tax planning relating to property transactions

  • Tax due diligence

  • Working with auditors and other financial advisers

  • Registration and opening of tax files at the relevant tax authorities for both individuals and corporate entities

  • Representing clients in tax disputes/litigation

For our clients living outside Palestine, we often coordinate and join forces with their local lawyers and tax advisers in the countries were they reside, so that to ensure that the tax advice we provide for them covers both jurisdictions.