Securities and Capital Markets

Securities and Capital Markets

Kamal & Associates substantial experience is securities law and capital markets stems from the fact that the firm managing partner—Rasem Kamal, was an active participant in the drafting effort of the first ever Palestinian securities law and Palestinian capital markets authority law. Furthermore, since the establishment of the law firm in 2007, Kamal & Associates has been working closely with the Palestinian Capital Markets Authority (PCMA) and advising it on matters relating to securities law, capital markets authority law, companies laws, corporate governance, mortgage law, and other laws governing the non-banking financial institutions.

Kamal & Associate’s substantial knowledge and expertise in this area of law is demonstrated by the following:

  • In 2012, working closely with the mortgage department at the PCMA, Kamal & Associates drafted a new mortgage law for Palestine. The draft law was crafted to ensure compatibility with the Palestinian legal and regulatory framework, current international trends, standards and best practices, and to benefit from lessons learnt from other jurisdictions.

  • In 2012, Kamal & Associates was commissioned by the PCMA to review the Draft Instructions for Licensing Finance Leasing Companies, and draft Instructions for Registration of Properties Financed by Financial Leasing Companies.

  • In 2011, Kamal & Associates was commissioned by the PCMA to conduct an in-depth assessment and analysis of the status of corporate governance compliance of selected public shareholding companies that are supervised by the Palestinian Capital Markets Authority (PCMA) as well as of the governance structure of the PCMA itself.

Currently, Kamal & Associates represent and provide legal advice for multiple companies that are regulated by the PCMA. This includes insurance companies, leasing companies, companies that undertake mortgage, and publicly listed corporations.