Social Security Law

November 20, 2016. His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas recently promulgated the Law by Decree No. 19 of 2016 on Social Security (“the Law”). On 20 October 2016, the Law was published in the Extraordinary Issue 13 of the Palestinian Official Gazette. Article 124 of the Law provides that the Law shall enter into force thirty days after its publication in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, the Law has been effective since 20 November 2016.

The Law is the first modern Palestinian regulation on social security. It introduces many concepts and principles that are new to the Palestinian legal system.

Kamal and Associates Attorneys and Counselors-at-Law has developed a briefing note (in Arabic) about the Law, providing our clients and friends with an overview of key provisions of the Law. The overview makes clear the groups covered by the Law, types of insurances its provides, obligations of employers (notably subscriptions), main benefits granted to persons subject to its provisions, legal status of the obligations in case the ownership of an establishment is transferred, and the relation between the Law and Labour Law, particularly in respect of severance pay. The briefing note is summed by a conclusion and recommendations to employers.