Franchise Law Event Participation

Kamal & Associates – Attorneys & Counselors-at-law, represented by its Managing Partner Mr. Rasem Kamal and Associate Haya Omari, participated as main speakers and experts in a round table discussion entitled "Enhancing Franchise Policies as a Tool to Regulate the Market", held by the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) at their offices in Ramallah.

Several representatives of the Palestinian government, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations, as well as local lawyers and scholars joined the discussion. Main issues of debate included, inter alia, the means of regulating franchise agreements despite the absence of a Palestinian franchise law; the advantages and disadvantages of having a law as such; the effects of franchise on the local production; and whether or not the law of commercial agencies is sufficient to cover the regulation of franchise agreements.

In the paper that was presented by Mr. Kamal and co-authored by Ms. Omari, Mr. Kamal provided insight on the current legal and regulatory framework governing franchise agreements in Palestine. The paper also touched on the difference between franchise and monopoly, and demonstrated the insufficiency of the law of commercial agencies in regulating franchise agreements. In addition, Mr. Kamal warned of the consequences of the absence of a Palestinian franchise law, and recommended that a reference to the Model Franchise Disclosure Law, adopted by UNIDROIT in 2002, be made.